To stimulate robotics research and development worldwide, we rely on a global network of distributors to introduce our solutions to companies, institutions, and teams that want to jump-start their robotics research. On the other side of the world in China, one of the organizations we love working with is Wuhan Jingtian Electrical Co., Limited. The Jingtian Robots team was founded in 2009 by several professors from the Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) who now serve as a catalyst for the field of intelligent robots and artificial intelligence, providing customized integrated products and teaching or research programs for university professors. 

They’ve brought TurtleBot2, Husky UGV, Jackal UGV, Ridgeback, Dingo (used at exhibitions), Boxer (used at exhibitions), and other accessories from the Clearpath robot sensors and components store into the Chinese market. Their ultimate goal, though, is to promote the development of the robot industry by introducing advanced robot platform technologies to Chinese universities. But the team isn’t all business. They believe in organically engaging with the community they’re serving, even participating in weekly badminton matches with the teachers from their universities!

Husky UGV in action for tunnel detection for the School of Remote Sensing at Wuhan University

Bringing Clearpath Platforms Into Academia

Wuhan Jingtian Electrical understands that there is often a large gap between high-tech robot products and users in academia. By serving as a bridge for this disparity, they enable users to explore new directions in the field of education and scientific research. But what else makes them stand out?

Well, as professionals rooted in the academic field themselves, they have a thorough understanding of the robotics field, universities, and what students, researchers, or professors are trying to achieve. They are able to leverage their own experience in project execution to equip research teams with the right tools to produce substantial work and results. Through Wuhan Jingtian Electrical , researchers can call upon their expertise, alleviating many of the pain points for users and improving their technical strength with established contacts for technical and integration support.

The Robotics Industry in China

China’s robotics industry is in a vastly different state than the rest of the world, namely, the industry itself is still in the early stage of outbreak. Growth prior to 2020 had been incredibly slow and has only been stimulated by a more recent focus from the Chinese government. According to Wuhan Jingtian Electrical: “China’s investment in education, which accounts for 4% of GDP, is estimated to be around RMB 3 trillion (about 442 billion USD)”. And dispersed throughout the country are over 3,000 universities!

Thus, Wuhan Jingtian Electrical is right in estimating that the demand for robot products in the education industry alone is astronomical: RMB 1 billion (147 million USD)! In fact, Wuhan Jingtian Electrical also expects the industry to grow by more than 20% a year for the next five years. Furthermore, they estimate that over 500 colleges and universities will specialize in robots and artificial intelligence. The future of Chinese robotics is a bright one.

Research on positioning and navigation with Jackal UGV at Wuhan University

Catalyst for Innovation

Wuhan Jingtian Electrical is not only supplying Clearpath platforms to their users but also supporting teaching materials as well as experimental course design schemas. In order to provide this aid to their researchers, the team takes a threefold approach:

  1. Thorough analysis of knowledge points that can be targeted by their products in order to provide informed suggestions and confirm teaching plans with teachers. An example of this is a robot experiment course at Wuhan University, HUST, and other universities.
  2. Compilations of textbook content and product guidance, as well as completing course textbooks together with teachers. Wuhan Jingtian Electrical has published textbooks with Wuhan University and is currently compiling textbooks for use by HUST.
  3. Deployment of technical engineers to guide classes on-site and ensure a smooth development of experimental classes.

We are especially excited to be working with Wuhan Jingtian Electrical to bring our platforms to China and further stimulating the growth of their budding robotics industry. We can’t wait to see how they transform the robotics field globally.

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