Clearpath Robotics Launches Outdoor Autonomy Software

OutdoorNav™ Navigation Software Helps Developers Build Autonomous Vehicles Faster WATERLOO – October 18, 2022 – Clearpath Robotics, a manufacturer of mobile robotics platforms for research and development, today launched OutdoorNav – an autonomous... read more

Open Letter: General Purpose Robots Should Not Be Weaponized

An Open Letter to the Robotics Industry and our Communities, We are some of the world’s leading companies dedicated to introducing new generations of advanced mobile robotics to society.  These new generations of robots are more accessible, easier to operate, more... read more

Podcast: Clearpath Talks TurtleBot4 and ROS 2

Last month, Tony Baltovski, our Engineering Software Manager, and Adrian Popielas, our Mechanical Designer, sat down with Audrow Nash from The Sense Think Act Podcast to discuss TurtleBot 4 and ROS 2. TurtleBot 4 is the next generation of the world’s most... read more

TurtleBot 4: Mapping & Navigation with ROS 2 Navigation Stack

We can’t get enough of TurtleBot 4 either!  In this video, we set the bot to the task of delivering donuts to our incredible Turtlebot 4 development team! This video includes a full walkthrough of the mapping and navigation capabilities of the Turtlebot 4 mobile... read more

New ROS Developer Tools Available for Clearpath Robots

Navigating the ROS environment can be frightening and difficult for both seasoned and novice users. Our team has been hard at work creating new tools to assist ROS Developers in getting started with our robotic platforms and moving their research forward. Robot... read more

Turtlebot 4: Unboxing and Getting Started

Can’t wait to get your hands on a TurtleBot 4? Our Robotics Demo Designer, Maddy Thomson, walks you through unboxing & getting started with TurtleBot 4, including installing the Linux & Ros 2 environment, connecting the Raspberry Pi to WiFi, connecting... read more
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