Clearpath Robotics Announces Support for ROS on Windows

Clearpath Robotics partners with Microsoft to bring ROS on Windows to Clearpath mobile robots. Kitchener, CANADA  – 26 May, 2020 –  Clearpath Robotics, a manufacturer of mobile robotic platforms for research and development, has announced support for Windows on its... read more

Accerion raises the bar for precise robot positioning

Accerion, a Dutch company founded in 2015, builds positioning systems for mobile robots. Their unique camera-based system enables submillimeter-level positioning for AGVs and rugged mobile robots, like Clearpath’s Jackal UGV (unmanned ground vehicle).  Building a... read more

Scalopus: A tracing framework for C++ and Python

When a computer is used to calculate a result, these calculations inherently take some time. Often the calculations need to be performed within a certain duration; e.g., the control commands of a robot may need to be calculated within a certain interval in order to... read more

Humans of Clearpath: Co-op Edition

Clearpath offers co-op students an opportunity to work with industry experts, learn new skills, and gain real world experiences. We hire co-op students in a variety of disciplines including software, mechanical and electrical design, supply chain and marketing. We... read more