Scalopus: A tracing framework for C++ and Python

When a computer is used to calculate a result, these calculations inherently take some time. Often the calculations need to be performed within a certain duration; e.g., the control commands of a robot may need to be calculated within a certain interval in order to... read more

Humans of Clearpath: Co-op Edition

Clearpath offers co-op students an opportunity to work with industry experts, learn new skills, and gain real world experiences. We hire co-op students in a variety of disciplines including software, mechanical and electrical design, supply chain and marketing. We... read more

Clearpath Robotics Announces Dingo Indoor Research Robot

Dingo is announced with world’s leading robotics researchers at IROS 2019 in Macau. Kitchener, ON, Canada – Nov. 4, 2019 – Clearpath Robotics today announced Dingo™ Indoor Research Robot, at the International Conference for Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS)... read more

Humans of OTTO Motors: Meet Daniel

OTTO™ Motors is making material handling in industrial settings safer, easier, and more efficient through development of hardware and software that automates movement of goods in busy factories and warehouses. The company’s industry-leading self driving... read more

[VIDEO] Kaarta Stencil 2 | Hands-On Review

Watch Nick Charron and Steven Philips, PhD candidates from the University of Waterloo, talk about their experience using the Kaarta Stencil 2 3D mobile mapping module for their infrastructure inspection robotics research. In this hands-on review video, they discuss... read more