OutdoorNav is an outdoor autonomy software platform designed for vehicle developers, OEMs and robotics researchers. Compatible with Clearpath outdoor mobile platforms and third-party vehicles, OutdoorNav provides reliable, industry-leading GPS-based navigation for faster, more efficient autonomous vehicle development.

Ready to fast-track your autonomous vehicle development?

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Fast-track Autonomy Development

Turbocharge your autonomous vehicle development and get your off-road vehicle to market faster.

Save on Development Costs

Gain advanced autonomy while avoiding extensive staffing, engineering and development costs.

Easy to Integrate

Easily add OutdoorNav to your off-road vehicle with a well documented, highly configurable API, ROS compatibility, reference designs, user guides and more.

Industry-leading Autonomy

OutdoorNav delivers robust and reliable localization through proprietary sensor fusion, continuous path planning and monitoring, obstacle detection and avoidance, and more.

Accelerate your autonomous vehicle development

Robot System Development - Inside PLC Electronics

Robust & Reliable Autonomous Navigation

OutdoorNav software provides robust, reliable and precise point-to-point GPS-based navigation through proprietary sensor fusion of GPS, IMU, LiDAR and platform odometry. With built-in continuous path planning, and obstacle detection and avoidance, outdoor vehicles can navigate autonomously and precisely between user-defined waypoints collision-free. Customized tasks can be added to waypoints, such as capturing sensor data or imagery at specific locations, and auto-docking capabilities allow for hands-off battery charging.

Real-Time Command And Control

Use the built-in Teleoperation mode to confidently operate your vehicles remotely via cellular connection using an on-screen or physical joystick. Onboard sensor data from network cameras, LiDARS and other integrated components can be easily visualized in real-time through the web-based user interface. Vehicle operation can be conveniently switched from autonomous mode to teleoperation and vice versa at any time during missions.

Robot System Development - Inside PLC Electronics
Robot System Development - Inside PLC Electronics
Easy-to-use Web Interface

OutdoorNav’s built-in web-based user interface makes it easy to build, edit, monitor and manage autonomous missions, assign customized tasks to waypoints, visualize data from connected sensors, and view the vehicle’s live position on an interactive map. At a glance, capture essential status data from the vehicle including velocity, signal strength, e-stop status, vehicle battery charge and more.

Expand & Customize with Documented API

With a well documented Application Programming Interface (API), build and expand the autonomous navigation system by integrating your own custom ROS-based applications and graphical interfaces, or by connecting third-party fleet management tools.

View OutdoorNav API Documentation

Designed for Off-Road Automation

Highly configurable and customizable to specific applications, OutdoorNav software and hardware kits are ideal for prototyping and developing the next-generation of smart autonomous industrial machines that aim to increase productivity, improve efficiency and address forecasted labor shortages.

Energy Sites Surveying & Inspection

  • Remote virtual inspection, data sampling and image capture of infrastructure, high-value assets and safety critical equipment on oil & gas rigs, electrical substations, nuclear facilities, and solar and wind farms.
Husky UGV essentials integration

Construction Automation

  • Unmanned data collection, scanning and quality inspection of job sites
  • Autonomous excavation and material transportation
  • Remote construction site and progress monitoring
Husky UGV essentials integration

Security & Surveillance

  • Autonomous patrolling and monitoring of outdoor private and secured facilities
  • Panoramic observation, real-time image transmission and data capture
  • Wireless teleoperation of vehicle and onboard surveillance cameras via web-based interface
Husky UGV essentials integration


  • Autonomous hauling and material handling in open pit mining environments
  • Remote inspection and surveying of machinery, piles, tailing dams and critical infrastructure


  • Unmanned land preparation and tilling
  • Autonomous seed planting & crop harvesting
  • Remote crop and soil monitoring in orchards & vineyards
  • Targeted pesticide spraying and pest management
Husky UGV essentials integration



Sensor Configuration

OutdoorNav software is compatible with a variety of sensors and components. Please refer to Clearpath’s reference hardware designs for recommended hardware configurations. Additional third-party sensors and components can be easily integrated using the highly configurable OutdoorNav API.

  • PC: Fanless / Rugged
  • GPS: Dual Antenna + RTK
  • IMU: Altitude Heading and Reference System
  • LiDAR: 3D LiDAR
  • Teleoperation Cameras
  • Long Range Network Equipment
  • Rugged Operator Control Tablet
  • Wireless Charger & Docking Station

Vehicle Compatibility

Clearpath Vehicles
OutdoorNav software and hardware development kit is fully compatible with Clearpath’s outdoor ground vehicles including the Jackal UGV, Husky UGV and Warthog UGV.

Your Own Vehicle
Make any outdoor vehicle autonomous with the OutdoorNav Backpack – an all-in-one hardware and software kit that easily integrates with third-party vehicles for full OutdoorNav capabilities.

Get Started Today

Whether you’re looking to add robust autonomy to your existing off-road vehicle or looking for a full software and hardware development kit, our autonomy team is ready to help. Tell us about your project and we’ll help you get rolling.

OutdoorNav in Action

Find out how OutdoorNav is powering outdoor autonomous navigation around the world.

Climate Change Monitoring in Antarctica
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

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Introducing OutdoorNav Autonomy Software

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