Clearpath Robotics Integration Services


Delivering Fully Customized & Tailored Robotics Systems


Robots are hard.

Off-the-shelf robot platforms, while versatile, often fall short of meeting the unique demands of diverse research and development applications. That’s where Clearpath steps in!

With our expertise, we go beyond the standard offerings to tailor a solution precisely suited to your needs. Our team of experts can suggest the best hardware and software for your specific use case, and provide you with a complete, customized system right out of the box.

Save time and development costs and be assured that you will get a fully integrated system that’s reliable with built in flexibility allowing you to continue to iterate and develop as your project evolves.

Why Clearpath?


We have 10 years of experience integrating a wide range of robot systems


We have an interdisciplinary team of integrators with backgrounds in mechanical, electrical and software fields


Our experienced team provides post delivery customer support to ensure your success


We work closely with customers to understand their needs


We have a proven track record for providing integrated robotic systems to large industrial and academic institutions worldwide


We offer a wide range of platforms, autonomy software and key relationships with parts’ suppliers

Behind the Robot

Check out our latest and most interesting integration projects!

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