Leading the Robot Revolution on a Budget

On July 22nd, 2019 Clearpath Robotics’ CTO, Ryan Gariepy, was invited on SingularityU Canada’s webinar titled “Leading the Robot Revolution on a Budget”. SingularityU Canada is a platform designed to transform learning from an activity done... read more

Warthog UGV Expedites Mission to Mars

Bringing Mars to Earth On June 7th, 2019 Dr. Tanya Harrison stood in front of a large crowd at re:MARS in Las Vegas with an X-Box controller in her hand. With a few button presses and joystick movements, the projected screen to her side showed a Warthog UGV moving... read more

[VIDEO] How To Set Up Your Husky UGV

You’ve uncrated your new Husky UGV and have taken it for a spin – now what? Watch Dave go through the initial robot setup and configuration. He’ll show you how to: Connect to your robot Test the connection Connect to WiFi Setup the Robot Operating... read more

[VIDEO] The Clearpath Co-op Experience

Joining the Team At one point or another, we have all felt the crushing anxiety of one’s future.  With post-secondary education already being as stressful as it is, we understand that being expected to choose a career by the end of it is tough. Without relevant work... read more

[VIDEO] Setting up your Jackal UGV

Building off of our new YouTube series that helps you get up and running with your Clearpath robotic platforms (watch it here), our latest video demonstrates next steps with Jackal UGV. After our senior software engineer, Dave Niewinski, ran through unboxing and... read more

Our Top Tips For Conducting Robotics Field Research

Timothy Barfoot, an autonomous space robotics researcher and associate professor at the University of Toronto, put together an excellent presentation on lessons learned from conducting field research in remote locations. In this post, we’ve gathered the key takeaways... read more

Husky UGV Turns Over a New Leaf

Harvesting Potential in the Agriculture Industry The modern-day desire for efficiency through automation has spread its way into every industry. Even in the agriculture sector, unmanned ground vehicles are being considered to supplement work with crops and improve... read more