Podcast: The Dull, Dirty and Dangerous Future of Robotics

Our CTO/Co-Founder, Ryan Gariepy was recently interviewed by Dov Baron for the “Leadership and Loyalty” podcast. In this interview, they discuss the benefits of utilizing robotic platforms and what the future of robotics looks like in our everyday lives.... read more

Clearpath Robotics Announces Support for ROS on Windows

Clearpath Robotics partners with Microsoft to bring ROS on Windows to Clearpath mobile robots. Kitchener, CANADA  – 26 May, 2020 –  Clearpath Robotics, a manufacturer of mobile robotic platforms for research and development, has announced support for Windows on its... read more

Accerion raises the bar for precise robot positioning

Accerion, a Dutch company founded in 2015, builds positioning systems for mobile robots. Their unique camera-based system enables submillimeter-level positioning for AGVs and rugged mobile robots, like Clearpath’s Jackal UGV (unmanned ground vehicle).  Building a... read more