In a particularly exciting month, Clearpath Robotics by Rockwell Automation made a mark at three robotics conferences, each providing a distinct platform for innovation and the exchange of collaborative ideas. Starting off strong, we exhibited at the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2023). This year’s IROS theme, “The Next Generation of Robotics,” was perfectly aligned with our commitment to advancing the field, enabling us to introduce our latest innovations.


Ridgeback Sensor Photo Booth Takes Center Stage

Our highly anticipated Ridgeback Sensor Photo Booth made its appearance at IROS and stole the show. Equipped with an array of sensors, including a LiDAR, depth and thermal cameras, the photo booth can capture images and generate digital photo strips that show depth and thermal data.


Ridgeback Sensor Photo Booth at IROS 2023


Digital Photo Strip from Ridgeback Sensor Photo Booth

The photo booth is mounted on top of our Ridgeback indoor, omni-directional robot capable of carrying heavy payloads. Ridgeback’s omnidirectional base provides precision positioning in constrained environments. It is plug-and-play compatible with an extensive list of robot accessories. This versatile platform can be adapted to meet the requirements of various research and industrial applications. 

Click here to learn more about Ridgeback.


Husky Observer Shines at Field Robotics Engineering Forum


Husky Observer at Field Robotics Engineering Forum, RoboBusiness

Next up was the Field Robotics Engineering Forum at RoboBusiness. The Field Robotics Engineering Forum focused on the technical challenges of building robots that operate outdoors. Clearpath Robotics presented its new inspection solution: Husky Observer; a fully integrated robotic system that supercharges the development of inspection solutions enabling robotics developers to fast-track their system development.

Husky Observer combines the versatility of our popular Husky robot and OutdoorNav Autonomy Software making it a powerful platform designed for autonomous navigation in challenging, outdoor environments. This solution covers a spectrum of industries, from agriculture and construction to manufacturing and security.


Clearpath’s Continuous Commitment to ROSCon 

Lastly, we exhibited at ROSCon – an event that serves as a focal point for the global ROS community. ROS users, developers, and enthusiasts from all over the world come together to share knowledge, discuss advancements, and collaborate on various projects related to robotics and ROS.


ROS 2 Humble

Clearpath Robotics manufactures a substantial amount of custom robots annually, each equipped with a diverse array of sensors and attachments. Scaling software to build these robots is a difficult process. Clearpath had previously devised a functional solution for ROS 1, but scaling to different platforms has been challenging. 

At ROSCon, our software team delved into insights gained from working with ROS 1. Drawing from these experiences, Clearpath developed a solution for ROS 2 Humble. The result? A staggering 83% reduction in payload integration.


Ryan Gariepy – CTO, OTTO Motors & Clearpath Robotics Presenting to STEM NOLA Students at ROSCon 2023


As we look to the future, Clearpath Robotics by Rockwell Automation remains a leader in the ever-evolving world of robotics. Our commitment to driving the next generation of robotics and inspiring the exchange of ideas and innovations remains steadfast.

Clearpath Robotics by Rockwell Automation

Clearpath Robotics by Rockwell Automation is a global leader in unmanned vehicle robotics for research and development, and provides hardware, software, and services to enable mobile robotics product deployment and operation. Clearpath works with over 500 of the world’s most innovative brands in over 40 countries, serving markets that span mining, military, agriculture, aerospace, and academia. Clearpath was recognized as a Robotics Business Review’s RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards 2023 Winner. For more information, visit

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