We are happy to announce a further integration expansion for our Jackal UGV, Husky UGV, and Dingo platforms with expanded support for the Nvidia Jetsons, including the Nano, Xavier NX/AGX, and TX2 modules.

At Clearpath, we want to make sure you have more than enough computing power for your ambitious projects. With these new embedded systems available for integration, we are looking to support further computationally intense projects related to machine learning, computer vision, navigation, point cloud processing, parallel processing, and more. But we also realize that each project has to work within its own budget. Therefore, these Nvidia modules are a processing hardware solution that are still a low-cost option that allow you to work on highly-parallel software solutions for your applications.  The modules are also not just a replacement option for the standard computer, but can also be added as an additional component. On top of all of that, you also have access to CUDA (Nvidia’s libraries) on any computer for you to leverage.

As operations such as image-processing or deep learning are very challenging on other hardware, we wanted to provide an easier way for researchers to jump into their work and accelerate their current research.

We look forward to seeing what sort of exciting projects you get up to with the Nvidia Jetson modules.

To get a Jetson powered Clearpath robot, or to add a Jetson to your existing platform, contact our team.

To learn more about our robotic platforms, you can visit our website here.

To learn more about the Nvidia Jetson modules, click here.

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