Clearpath Robotics recently tested the capabilities of the ROS for MATLAB toolkit (available here:  robot-operating-system.html). This is very interesting for the research and education fields, as it will allow users to take their existing MATLAB code and use it on a real world robot with little modification.

Here, we do a quick test by driving the Husky remotely using MATLAB. This showcases a small portion of the abilities that MATLAB presents us. If you already have a Husky (or a virtual one), and have MATLAB 2013a or 2013b installed, you can try this out right now!

  • Install the toolkit from the link above
  • Download our sample code: Husky_CMD_VEL.m
  • Replace the IP address with the address of your Husky.
  • Alternatively, use a virtual Husky as described here: Drive a Husky
  • Try it out!


Below, we can see the output of one such run session.

Matlab ROS output

Matlab ROS output

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