In March of 2023, Clearpath Robotics announced Husky Observer™; an all-terrain, rugged robot with an integrated payload for inspection. We are thrilled to launch Husky Observer at ICRA this year. The new robotic system combines Husky™, a popular and versatile robot from Clearpath Robotics with OutdoorNav Autonomy Software; a software platform that enables autonomous navigation for unmanned ground vehicles. Husky Observer is deployable in multiple industries including agriculture, construction, manufacturing and security. 

“With the launch of Husky Observer, Clearpath Robotics is excited to provide a rugged and reliable inspection solution for multiple industries. By combining the versatility of the Husky robot with OutdoorNav Autonomy Software, we are able to offer a powerful tool for robotics developers and technology groups to streamline their inspection processes.”says Bryan Webb, President of Clearpath Robotics

Designed to be an out-of-the-box solution, the robot is equipped with multiple inspection and navigation sensors allowing users to capture data for offline review. Husky Observer is pre-installed with OutdoorNav, making it adaptable to variable mission requirements. OutdoorNav allows unmanned ground vehicles to navigate outdoor environments with high precision, accuracy and safety. It provides built-in obstacle detection and avoidance as well as continuous path planning making it ideal for remote, virtual inspection. Husky Observer is a fast-tracked solution for developers to build their desired robotics application without worrying about sensor integration and autonomous navigation.


Demonstrating OutdoorNav:

Interactive, web-based user interface for creating and monitoring autonomous missions


Teleoperation view allowing for remote operation of the vehicle via virtual joystick


Accelerating Development of Robotics Applications

Clearpath Robotics offers Husky and OutdoorNav as reliable building blocks to develop systems that serve various end-use cases. Similarly, Husky Observer leverages the capabilities of the two platforms, delivering a cost-effective approach to multiple industries for building reliable inspection solutions. 

Husky Observer substantiates the versatility of Husky and OutdoorNav; demonstrating a customizable and scalable solution. Both Husky and OutdoorNav can be used to expand the capabilities of a robotics application while saving time and development cost. Husky’s versatility speaks for itself as it has proved its utility and reliability in a wide range of applications over the years. Its use cases include applications in research and development, industrial automation, precision agriculture, site monitoring and much more. Correspondingly, OutdoorNav can be used both on Clearpath and third party vehicles. The software is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet the requirements of a given application. It has successfully been used in construction progress monitoring, remote inspection of industrial facilities and autonomous navigation robotics research.


Husky UGV – Used for Construction Site Monitoring


Husky UGV – Used for Autonomous Inspection of Industrial Facilities & Equipment


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