Welcome to our new video series in which we highlight some of the most unique and exciting robots from the Clearpath integration shop. In our first episode, we have a fully-loaded and autonomous Husky UGV outfitted with a Universal Robots UR5 arm, our Outdoor and Indoor Navigation software, as well as all the necessary sensors. While we’re sad to see the bot go, it’s headed onward to a university robotics lab.

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This robot is unique in that it can navigate autonomously in both indoor and outdoor environments by combining two different Clearpath software packages. This Husky UGV is equipped with a front and rear Hokoyo 2D Lidar sensor, as well as an inertial measurement unit(IMU), to support our indoor navigation software package. In addition, the robot has two Swift GPS antennas with two corresponding receiver units and a Velodyne 3D Lidar sensor to support our outdoor navigation software package.

Aside from the navigation-based features, this robot has been specially designed to house its two computers and the main control board inside the robot chassis. To allow the user to connect to these internal computers easily, a variety of connectors have been made accessible along the top of the robot. Finally, there is a stereo-vision camera mounted on the front of this Husky, as well as a Universal Robots UR5 robotic arm with a Robotiq 3-finger gripper that can be controlled via a touchscreen.

Check out our YouTube channel and stay tuned for more episodes in this series. For more tutorials check out our online knowledge base which includes tutorials for our platforms and ROS.

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