Did you know we have a growing network of global distributors who are just as excited about robotics and automation as we are? Clearpath is proud to join forces with some of the best integrators in the industry. Our growing global network plays a huge role in enabling robotics research and development in many different parts of the world. Today, we are excited to kick off a new blog series that highlights our global partners, starting with Australia-based distributor, Chironix. We interviewed Adam Grootveld, Director of Marketing, to learn more about the software development company. 

Tell us a bit about the company’s history and how it all got started.

We were established in 2017 with a focus on the rapid deployment and management of autonomous robots and digital wearables. We focus on enabling humans through technology and are aiming to achieve efficient and seamless human machine teaming capabilities within the next decade.

We are a vibrant and innovative organisation comprising mechatronics engineers, software developers, roboticists, design engineers and business specialists. We all share the common goal of working towards achieving a future where we are all enabled through machine relationships. We have a strong commitment to lifelong learning and place great importance on professional development to remain on the cutting edge of technology.

What is Chironix’s mission?

Simply put, our mission is to revolutionize human robot collaboration and our vision is to design technology that enhances human potential. 

We seek to develop technologies that will optimise human potential and solve business challenges by building unified, holistic platforms between humans and machines.

We see the future workplace as one where humans can work with reliable machine systems in a native manner. Chironix develops unique products which improve work safety and efficiency, and enhance business processes. Our software integrates and automates both virtual and physical systems which allows people to effectively perform tasks across multiple sites.

What makes Chironix stand out from the rest?

There are several different things that I feel makes Chironix stand out as a company:

  • Deep experience in applied technologies in real world situations (mining and defence).
  • We build human centred systems, where robots enable and amplify the action that the human wants to generate.
  • We have a highly skilled team including certified engineers (mechatronics, mechanical, electrical and software), and staff with degrees in physics, mathematics and game design. Most of our team have postgraduate level qualifications including honours, masters and PhDs.
  • Our robotics lab allows us to integrate sensors or any size payload.
  • Our advanced research department is dedicated to building out robotic software to advance the sophistication and usability of the robotic hardware we use.
  • We have great relationships with industry leading global companies like Clearpath which allows us to provide the most advanced systems for our clients.

What markets do you primarily service?

We have a particular focus on the defence, resources and utility sectors.

What are some unique needs in your market and how do you address them?

Our customers all have distributed workforces that require a command and control system for their autonomous assets. This includes robotics deployments as well as cyber physical systems such as digitised workers. Our ultimate goal is to team humans and machines in a native manner allowing robots to perform the dirty, dangerous, and dull jobs on behalf of humans.

What Clearpath robots have you worked with?

Chironix owns a Husky UGV which the team uses extensively in the development of our automation software. We also work with Jackal UGV and Warthog UGV, integrating a full range of sensors and hardware to optimise their performance in the defence and resource sectors. We have also completed a whole range of integration planning on Moose UGV for some of our larger enterprise clients. Finally, we have completed a range of designs and integrations with Ridgeback, and look forward to rolling out a range of other Clearpath solutions to our clients base as they become available. 

What are some companies/organizations you have worked with?

Our client base is wide-ranging, and includes clients in academia, defence and the resource sector. We have worked with the Australian Defence Science Technology Group building human machine teaming capabilities. The Office of Naval Research building casualty evacuation capabilities. Finally, we have a range of commercial client solutions, ranging from teleoperation and inspection modules, through to mapping modules with high level automation. 

Describe an interesting, unique or fun fact about your company.

Inspired by Greek mythology, Chironix (hard K) is named in honour of Chiron, a Centaur famous for his wisdom. 

To learn more about Chironix click here and to view all of our global distributors click here.

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