As Clearpath Robotics grows, we’ve continued to work with a number of distributors across the globe – each of them entrenched in the local robotics culture of their communities. Having local, boots on the ground partners all over the world has helped Clearpath continue to serve and work with research groups, labs, and organizations in over 40 countries.

One of Clearpath’s earliest distributors was Generation Robots, a France-based company that supplies robotic systems all over Europe. Founded in 2008, Generation represents a large catalogue of robotic systems for Business, Education, and Research. In addition to supplying systems to their end customer, their team has also successfully deployed sophisticated robotics projects of their own, like this Teleoperated Robotic Nuclear Decommissioning project last year.

Their team of experts have helped many customers select a robotic platform, and the right combination of sensors for integration to fully enable their project, and provided local technical and logistical support along the way.  As well as a French website, Generation also has full English and German websites, including many of their robotic and ROS tutorials as well, which is especially helpful for international roboticists.

If you are in the market for a robot, and would benefit from a local, EU based distributor with a dedicated, incredibly knowledgeable team, look no further than Generation Robots.


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