After putting in 2 years of product development, we’re excited to announce the world’s first self-driving vehicle for intralogistics and materials handling. World, meet OTTO, our intelligent self-driving vehicle designed to efficiently transport heavy-load materials in industrial and warehouse centres.

The times are a changin’

Modern factories and warehouses need to be reconfigurable, responsive and efficient to meet the growing demand for product customization; they need to maintain an edge against low-cost offshore competition. Traditional automated guided vehicles – or AGVs – required costly and rigid changes to infrastructure, cannot easily adapt to changing environment, and are not safe to work with, or around, warehouse personnel.

OTTO is unique in that it is flexible and doesn’t require any fixed-infrastructure to safely navigate your facilities – no bar codes, no magnetic tape, no beacons. It operates fully autonomously using our state-of-the-art mapping and localization software, intelligently avoiding obstacles and optimizing travel time to loading and docking stations. As operations change and your facilities are reconfigured, OTTO can easily adapt.

Built for industry

OTTO is by far our toughest and most rugged indoor robot yet. Built with industrial grade components, OTTO is designed to withstand the rigors of industrial environments. It’s one-piece, welded steel frame provides exceptional strength to safely handle payloads up to 1500 kg with, and its durable powder-coated paint finish provides excellent corrosion resistance. With a maximum speed of 2.0 m/s and a zero turning radius, OTTO is capable of quickly and safely hauling the heaviest of materials throughout your facility – even through tight spaces and congested corridors.


A team player

OTTO ships with standard safety features including safety-rated front-and-rear LIDAR sensors, and a built-in collision avoidance system that intelligently detects and avoids obstacles. Intuitive 360-degree LED lighting and audio prompts communicate the vehicle’s intentions for safe and effective collaboration with your team. At Clearpath, safety is always our number one priority and that’s why OTTO is already hauling materials in 5 test facilities, one of which is our first OTTO customer, General Electric.

Modular and adaptable

Applications for OTTO include moving pallets in a warehouse or cross-dock, and for kitting or assembly line delivery. OTTO’s modular design allows facility operators to easily swap out standard industry appliances to address a wide-range of assembly line configurations.


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