The University of Waterloo is one of Canada’s most prestigious universities! It’s where ideas come to life, innovation is in the air you breathe and …whoa did we just go on a tangent again? Oops, well Clearpath was started at UW, so maybe we’ve got a bit of a bias. Either way, the programs really do encourage students to think in the future and much of that ‘thinking’ happens within the Graduate Programs – where else would you find autonomously tracked aerial vehicles, sustainable solar pavement, or expert athletes with mechatronic assistance?

pelican UW research

UW’s Pelican for AUV Research

Professor Steven Waslander is director of the Waterloo Autonomous Vehicles Laboratory at the University of Waterloo – he also happens to be one of Clearpath’s biggest champions! Since UAVs don’t know what’s around them and how to stay safe on their own, his lab works to make these vehicles more robust so they can handle wind disturbances and avoid obstacles in their environment. “We attract a lot of top talent from around the world to work on the exciting research that we have here,” said Waslander.

The lab has completed a variety of pretty cool projects including tracking a Husky UGV from a Pelican. “This type of research is going to open up a bunch of new opportunities in terms of the applications where we can use these vehicles that are further away, more remote, more dangerous and enable humans to stay safe while robots do the dirty jobs,” explained Waslander. Yes, Waslander’s lab is certainly a productive place to be a grad student!

UW Research 2

UW Research teams in the field

Are there any grad programs you’re interested in at the University of Waterloo? Why not apply? You may end up working with one of our robots sooner than you think! In the meantime, here is a quick video of some of Waslander’s compelling field studies!

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