As you can imagine, the business of manufacturing robots can be unique – things aren’t always cheap, or always on time, or painted just the right shade of yellow. But! With a stellar Supply Chain Manager like Ryan, we’re able to get the job done with efficiency and meet (dare we say exceed!) our customer expectations. We sat down with Ryan who gave us his insight of what it’s like to work at Clearpath, and what’s important to bring to the table for supply chain management.

The day-to-day


Our supply chain manager in action!

Ryan’s responsibilities range from overseeing negotiations with suppliers, to buying equipment, to making sure both the production and engineering departments have the resources they require. There’s no such thing as a “typical” day at Clearpath in the land of supply chain management; “Work’s never the same, so it doesn’t really feel like a routine. A lot of my job is reactive. It involves me taking on a task or project and making things happen from there,” said Ryan, who certainly enjoys the variety.

With the opportunity to work in these different areas, Ryan’s been able to enhance his skillset across the board. He credits the dynamic environment at Clearpath. Ryan comes with a decade-worth of experience in the automotive industry; where businesses tend to have huge staff numbers (his company had upwards of 27,000 employees worldwide!) Comparatively, Clearpath Robotics offers a growing workforce, with flexible workspace and smaller, multi-functional teams; “Working at Clearpath has given me a chance to learn a lot in a short amount of time. It’s also helped me to adjust my scope and become more budget conscious,” said Ryan.

Making an impact

At Clearpath, we realize just how important teamwork is to the success of our company. There are a lot of resourceful people here with diverse skills and ideas – we embrace it and love it! The team building, along with the level of autonomy that employees have with their work, has definitely accelerated the growth of the company and put us on the map in the robotics community.

“First thing I noticed when I started here was the creative atmosphere. Because of that creativity, I’ve witnessed company and personal success stories every day. It feels good watching each person grow as a worker. The sky is certainly the limit at Clearpath Robotics,” said Ryan.

Ingredients for success

So what’s the advice from this pro for a rewarding career in Supply Chain Management? Ryan explains, “the biggest thing to have is determination to take on tasks and deliver results. Realize that your contribution is part of a bigger goal. Embrace responsibility and embrace change. Most importantly always challenge yourself.”

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