This June, we’ll be celebrating our 5th birthday! The past half-decade has been full of excitement, challenges, achievements and growth. Ah growth – we’ve never really stopped growing, and we won’t be slowing down anytime soon! With 35 new positions to hire for, we’re ready to move for a fourth time in four years. The new robot lair is going through a floor-to-ceiling overhaul to accommodate our team of people, and the bots they make. With minimal nudging, we got all the det’s from our very own co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Bryan Webb…

The Botsmith Lair

Construction underway

Construction is under way at the new office!

“Our new location will have 12,000 square feet of space,” said Bryan. Clearpathians will enjoy an open concept office that includes two floors split with a mezzanine balcony. The second floor mezzanine boasts themed meeting rooms and walls of whiteboards for the operations, logistics and marketing team to utilize. Below the mezzanine will buzz with robots and engineers alike. The engineering space will be surrounded with floor to ceiling whiteboard walls, break-out rooms and have a library for continuous learning; “Clearpath’s team is naturally dynamic and creative, so we’ve taken special care to bring in unique features that will help enhance our culture,” said Bryan. More people equals more robots; this has lead to us quadrupling our production space to allow multiple robot builds at a time and storage of all our inventory.

Okay so pretty standard stuff so far, right? Well hang on to your sensors! The lounge (aka ‘lunch room’) is in progress and will be dec’d out with couches, blackboards, bar stools, a bar, and – what we’re most curious about – will there be anything stocked at this said bar? In his best bot-face, Bryan left it at, “Fridays at 5 should be celebrated, along with the other achievements made throughout the week.”

Robot Badlands


Grizzly RUV

Our bots are built for rough, rugged environments. To stand by our word on this, we test them to their max! Well actually, we usually test them to exceed their max, and then make them even more hardcore. That being said, our new space will include both indoor and outdoor areas for full-blown testing of Husky, Grizzly, Kingfisher, and – oops, almost gave it away – and… any new products coming down the line… So Bryan, anything else we need to know about the ‘Robot Badlands’? “There should be enough space for a game of robot tag.” Works for us!

The Unmanned Experts

Fun in the Clearpath Test Zone

Fun in Clearpath Production

Almost every department at Clearpath is hiring, from account executives to autonomy engineers and everything in between. To give you an idea of what it’s like to be a ‘Clearpathian,’ check out our blog series called “Behind the Scenes.”

Are you an engineers’ engineer? Think Clearpath is the perfect place for you to quit your day job and enjoy? Check out our current opportunities and send us a note!

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