Clearpath can attribute its early and continued success to being client-focused, open to feedback, and the inherent “cool factor” of robotics.

From the get-go, we’ve recognized the important concept of getting your first paying customer – this is a huge milestone.  Avoiding going heads-down into R&D, we balanced developing technology with dedicating time to customers. This poise allowed us to work alongside clients, particularly the first few, to develop products specific to their needs.

Here at Clearpath clients are never on the back burner – in fact we don’t have a back burner, our robots take up all the space.

Working in conjunction with customers can be a very rewarding process. We collaborated with our initial clients, learned about the ways our product exceeded and failed in practice, and edited the product based on their recommendations. The versatility of our Kingfisher USV for example, with modular features, can be attributed to customers specifying the needs these additions satisfy. We were able to develop a product with a client-focused design, ending up with a robot meeting their specific needs. If that isn’t a win-win situation we’re not sure what is.

Our ability to recognize the problems that arise when neglecting customers has left us in a financially unique start-up position. Prioritizing customers had us operating on a profit loss basis from the beginning. Free from the massive debts of borrowed money most start-ups incur; sunny days are ahead- for Clearpath and our clients.

You can read more about our beginnings and the ways communities can support start-up companies here.

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