When Lee Rannals of RedOrbit.com visited the 2012 International Conference on Robotics and Innovation (ICRA) earlier this year, he did what any savvy shopper would do – started a Christmas wishlist.  And what was at the top?  The Husky A200, of course.

Not planning a mission to Mars or a trip into a mine shaft?  No problem. With the holidays bearing down upon us, now is the time to explore just some of the ways in which a Husky A200 unmanned ground vehicle could make your life – er, the lives of your loved ones – exponentially more awesome.

1. The Ultimate Dog Walker: program your route, set up some obstacle avoidance, clip on a leash and away it goes. Ta da! Pampered pooch, lounging owner.

2. Fetcher of the Festive Nog: Why on earth would you move from in front of that blazing hearth for a refill when the Husky, with the addition of a mobile manipulator, will happily do it for you?

3. Landscaper Extraordinaire: Mow the lawn?  I think not.  Shovel snow?  No need.  A bit of customization and the ol’ Husky’s got it under control.

4. Mobile Television: You may think it makes sense to have a television set in every room of your home, and it does – unless you have a single TV that follows you around.

5. World’s Best Grocery Cart:  As Lee over at RedOrbit pointed out, the Husky A200 is the perfect gift for those fed up with squeaky wheels and the overall lameness of grocery shopping.  Add a robot, and all of a sudden we’re having fun.

There you have it! A small sampling of the ways a Clearpath Husky can turn mundane activities into insanely fun and rewarding tasks, and quite possibly make you the most revered gift-giver of all time.

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