Standard Sensor Kit

Complete kit of sensors and hardware needed for developing and implementing outdoor navigation. The Standard Sensor Kit provides all the necessary sensing and computing for position localization, autonomous path planning, and obstacle detection and avoidance.

Installation Chart

Standard Sensor Kit Includes:

Standard Equipment

Dual Antenna RTK GNSS
2X SwiftNav Duro

Provides high accuracy position and heading estimates.



Duro Inertial is an enclosed dual-frequency GNSS receiver with an integrated inertial measurement unit that allows for continuous centimeter-accurate positioning in the harshest of environments.

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Microstrain 3DM-GX5

Improves the vehicle’s position estimate.


The MicroStrain 3DM is a high-accuracy attitude heading reference system that utilizes MEMS sensor technology. The sensor combines a triaxial accelerometer, gyro and magnetometer, temperature sensors and on-board processor.

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Velodyne VLP-16

Enables 3D obstacle detection and avoidance.


Velodyne’s VLP-16 has a range of 100 m, and the sensor’s low power consumption, light weight, compact footprint and dual return capability make it ideal for autonomous vehicles, robotics, terrestrial 3D mapping and many other applications.

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Long Range Network Equipment

Provides RTK 2 cm position corrections to the vehicle.


500m + network link between vehicle and base station.

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Optional Equipment

Network Cameras
AXIS M32 Dome Camera

Enables teleoperation and monitoring.


AXIS fixed and wide angle network cameras, specified based on teleoperation requirements.

PTZ Cameras

Improves the vehicle’s situational awareness during tele-operation.


AXIS Q6215-LE is a reliable and robust network camera specially designed with high precision pan, tilt and zoom and long-range IR to cover wide and long-distance surveillance.

Thermal Camera

Enables the vehicle to be used for thermal inspection.


This thermal camera offers an IR resolution of 320 x 240 with ±2°C or ±2°% accuracy for target temperatures from –20 to +120°C. Able to withstand harsh environments due to its IP54 construction.

Operator Control Unit
Clearpath Rugged Tablet

Offers additional functionality such as RVIZ data visualization.


A Windows tablet validated for use with user interface.

Navigation PC

Runs OutdoorNav software, sensor drivers and hosts user interface.


Robust industrial PC with 10th-gen Intel i5  processor is fanless and vibration-rated, which significantly lowers risk of PC component failure.

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