When our company was started, mobile apps were leading the way in the world of technology. Meanwhile, the notion of robotics was – for many – a figment of imagination, a high risk investment, or a killing machine portrayed through the Hollywood lens. Despite these perspectives, and the lingering recession of 2008, we saw their potential and were inspired to work long days and late nights to build something great. Little did we know that our mine-clearing robots would evolve to become leading unmanned ground vehicles for research and development.

It’s been nearly a decade since day 1 and we’re no longer the scrappy startup in the robotics lab – we’re a scrappy startup in a 35,000 square foot facility with multi-million dollar revenues. We’ve built a team of brilliant problem solvers who provide robotic solutions for some of the most innovative brands in the world.


We’ve grown up, which is why we’ve decided to refine our look. We are Clearpath and we develop self-driving vehicle technology that will empower industries around the world.

Today we launch two divisions that are driven by Clearpath:
1) Clearpath Robotics, which will continue to provide unmanned vehicles to our loyal and brilliant research market, and
2) OTTO Motors, which will revolutionize material handling with OTTO self-driving vehicles and services.

Clearpath otto logos


Technology is moving fast and we’re driving it forward. These divisions allow us to scale self-driving vehicle technology into multiple industries while continuing to provide definitive value for our clients. What we’re most excited about is that we’re just getting started.

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