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About PartnerBot

The PartnerBot Research Grant was established to help academic and corporate researchers kick start their innovative robotics research and development.  The funding is split between two categories, Academic and Corporate Research, and includes two (2) Husky Unmanned Ground Vehicles and two (2) Dingo Indoor Research Platforms, as well as discounts on mobile robotic platforms and a wide range of robotics sensors and components. The grant prizes are structured as follows:

Academic Category

  • Award 1 – (1x) Dingo-D Indoor Research Platform
  • Award 2 – (1x) Husky UGV Starter Kit (Includes Husky UGV, Mini ITX, Top plate, UM7 IMU, 2x lead acid battery)

Corporate/Startup Category

  • Award 3 – (1x) Dingo-D Indoor Research Platform
  • Award 4 – (1x) Husky UGV Starter Kit (Includes Husky UGV, Mini ITX, Top plate, UM7 IMU, 2x lead acid battery)

Runner Up (any category)

50% off Dingo-D or Dingo-O Indoor Research Platform

Honorable Mention (any category)

15% discount off robot sensors and accessories from the Clearpath Components Store. Valid for multiple purchases over the period of one year, up to a maximum value of $10,000 USD.

Eligibility Requirements

About You

  • Robotics researcher with a strong track record
  • Focus on compelling and challenging robotics research problems
  • Existing funding must be in place

Your Research

  • Must address a specific technical problem whose solution will provide tangible benefit to the robotics research community or accelerates your commercial growth plan
  • Will use ROS (Robot Operating System) as the development framework for Autonomy, Perception, Navigation, etc.
  • Project duration of 12 months or less with project funding already established.  Award recipients maintain robot ownership after the 12 month period.

Your Results

  • For Academic applicants, you must plan to publish your research and release your code to the ROS Community


  • Must recognize Clearpath Robotics as a research sponsor
  • Will create and allow Clearpath Robotics to use promotional material relating to the proposed research project, e.g., case study, media
  • Only complete submissions will be considered
  • Must cover all shipping and import duties

Apply Today

Apply for our PartnerBot program and you may be eligible for a Husky Unmanned Ground Vehicle, a Dingo Indoor Research Robot or discounts on robot sensors and components.

Submissions Closed


Application Deadline: November 13, 2020
Winner Selection: November 18, 2020

Got Questions?

Need more information about the program or have questions? Contact us below and a member of our team will be in touch.

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