ROS is incredibly important to us and we have championed it since its beginning. In fact, all of our robots are ROS-compatible, so when we heard about the ROS Summer School happening July 22-August 2 at FH Aachen in Germany, we jumped at the opportunity to get involved!

How we’re involved

We’re proud to sponsor the event and provide equipment that will enable students to run ROS code for testing and demonstration. The Robot Operating System (ROS) Summer School 2013 will utilize Clearpath’s Turtlebot (developed by Willow Garage) and Husky. A summer school program designed specifically around learning and sharing ROS is something we’re very excited to be a part of and we’re really glad to help!

Gain a wealth of ROS knowledge

ROS Summer School

ROS Summer School

Students will use existing ROS code, and develop their own, then test and demo the code on mobile robots. All in all, it will be a busy two weeks filled of fun, learning and a whole lot of robots. Tutorials will cover Localization, Perception and Navigation, Sensors and Drivers, Mechanical components, SLAM algorithms, Teleoperation, Image Processing with ROS, Hacking, an internal competition, and much more! For those who have had interest in learning about autonomous systems, this is a great place to get started.

Who can participate?

The objective of the ROS Summer School is to teach those who are interested in learning about autonomous systems and ROS integration. By no means do participants need to be experts, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. The school is designed for beginners. Organizers recommend students have a basic knowledge of Linux (Ubuntu) and one programming language such as Python or C++.

All-stars who make it happen!

The ROS Summer School is organized by Mobile Autonomous Systems and Cognitive Robotics (MASCOR). Key players in the organization of the program include Prof. Walter Reichert, Prof. Stephan Kallweit, Prof. Alexander Ferrein, and Prof. Ingrid Scholl.

To register or gain additional information about the ROS Summer School visit here.

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