ROS Package

Spot, developed by Boston Dynamics, is a nimble, four-legged robot designed to be rugged and customizable. It’s well suited for unstructured environments and is fully capable of climbing stairs and traversing rough terrain. With the addition of the Clearpath ROS Package for Spot, robotics researchers can take full advantage of ROS capabilities out-of-the-box, and leverage widely available open-source libraries, tools and the greater ROS community to accelerate their robotics development.



Spot now works on ROS out-of-the-box enabling you to start working on the next big thing without having to learn a new interface or create your own ROS drivers. By using the included ROS driver, you unlock the ability to easily control the robot via ROS while accessing all the onboard sensing data streams, including odomtery, images and point clouds from each of the five on-board cameras, plus data for any additional payloads you choose to integrate.


Spot comes with a dedicated computer, power and communication interfaecs and a flexible payload mounting systems, allowing you to easily integrate a wide variety of ROS-supported sensors and components. Fully tailor Spot to your application by integrating IMUs, additional cameras, radar, lidars, manipulators – like the Kinova Gen3 lite or HEBI arm – and custom payloads.


Our team of experienced integrators and ROS experts can help you choose the right payload configuration for your application, and even integrate and set up your custom Spot so it’s all ready to go for you out-of-the-box. As with our wheeled robots, the ROS-enabled Spot comes with step-by-step tutorials and setup documentation so you can get started quickly with your research and application development .


Capable of traversing rough, unstructured terrain yet small enough to use indoors, Spot is suitable for a wide variety of research applications and industries including remote sensing and inspection, construction monitoring, site documentation, radiation detection, environmental monitoring and more.

Tech Specs

Size and Weight

External Dimensions
1110 mm x 500 mm x 840 mm
(43.3″ x 19.7″ x 36.1″)
Max Grade +/- 30°
Weight 32.5 kg
(71.7 lbs)
Max Payload 11 kg available, 14 kg total (30.9 lbs)

Speed and Performance

Max Speed

1.6 m/s
(3.5 mph)

Run Time
(No Payload)

90 min

Power Supply

24V at 150W, 12V at 150, 5V at 10W

Drivers and APIs

ROS Kinetic, Melodic, C++, Python, RViz & URDF Support


Fully customize Spot to suit your specific application by easily integrating a wide variety of ROS-supported sensors and components. 
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