Outdoor UGV Backpack (Coming Soon)

The Clearpath Outdoor UGV Backpack contains all the sensing, computing and networking components required for outdoor navigation. The backpack can be installed on a Husky, Warthog or compatible UGV with ROS interface by supplying 24V power and ethernet communication. Simply mount the backpack on your ROS enabled UGV and connect to a Clearpath Network Station and OCU. Optional equipment can be added to also enable tele-operation capabilities.

Installation Chart

Outdoor UGV Backpack Includes:

Standard Equipment

2X Piksi Multi GNSS Module


Provides high accuracy position and heading estimates.


The Piksi Multi GNSS Module provides centimeter-level accurate positioning at a low cost. It is available as an inertial fusion option for continuous and robust positioning in difficult environments.

Microstrain 3DM-GX5

Improves the vehicle’s position estimate.


The MicroStrain 3DM is a high-accuracy attitude heading reference system that utilizes MEMS sensor technology. The sensor combines a triaxial accelerometer, gyro and magnetometer, temperature sensors and on-board processor.

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Industrial PC


Runs OutdoorNav software, sensor drivers and hosts user interface.


Intel 1185G7E processor, pre-installed with Certified DDR4 16GB RAM, 512G TLC SSD.

Optional Equipment

Velodyne VLP-16

Enables 3D obstacle detection and avoidance.


Velodyne’s VLP-16 has a range of 100 m, and the sensor’s low power consumption, light weight, compact footprint and dual return capability make it ideal for autonomous vehicles, robotics, terrestrial 3D mapping and many other applications.

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TeleOperation Cameras
AXIS M32 Dome Camera

Enables teleoperation and monitoring.


AXIS fixed and wide angle network cameras, specified based on teleoperation requirements.

Long Range WiFi / LTE Radio

Integrated into UGV base for long range 2.4 / 5.8GHz network communication.


WiFi and Cellular LTE Radio

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